Monday, January 6, 2014

5 Months!

Liam wasn't quite all smiles (like he usually is) for his little 5 month photo shoot.  It was just two days before Christmas and we were without power and he was fairly content (just not super smiley) but I did get these...

This little guy is doing great.
 I was originally planning to hold off until 6 months until we started solid food, but at the recommendation of his doctor we decided to start just a little bit earlier in hopes that it might help him start sleeping better at's not. But, he is a great eater and unlike his brother before him he has taken really well to baby food! He seems to enjoy both rice cereal and baby oatmeal (such a relief after what we went through with Eli)! Here's his first feeding...
I'm sure that we'll have some even better pictures now that he started eating sweet potatoes yesterday!:)
 At his last check up a few weeks ago he was solidly around the 50th percentile for just about everything (height, weight...) and he's surpassing pretty much all of the developmental milestones! The one thing though that he doesn't seem super interested in is rolling over. He has rolled over a few times. The first time I had put him on the living room floor on his back and I went down to the basement to do some laundry. Joe and the kids were upstairs near him and when I came up he was on his stomach. I assumed at first that Joe had moved him. Nope...he rolled over and we all missed it. But Joe watched him shortly after roll over a few more times. And then I witnessed it too...that day and the next he rolled over from his stomach to his back a few times. The next day I took these pictures... He was trying to roll while I had the camera out. But he just could't quite make it! So I put him on his belly. And he tried a little bit more... And then he got tired and just thought he would take a rest and suck his thumb. Who needs to roll over when you are this adorable? And that's been about it for the rolling. He just doesn't seem all that interested in it anymore! He'll scoot around in circles on his back, but he apparently sees no need for rolling!
So, he might not roll much, but have I mentioned that he's the best baby ever?  Seriously.  Two nights ago we went to a friend's house for dinner and games and despite the fact that he hadn't slept in many hours and that we were keeping him up well past his bed time he was perfectly content...even chilling out in his car seat while we all ate dinner.  Amazing.  So to test our luck we decided to take the whole family to see the movie Frozen this afternoon.  I never would have dared to take a baby this age to a movie before, but once again our little Liam was a trooper. At one point he was watching the movie too for a bit and even laughing!  During the whole movie he fussed only once and all I had to do was stand up with him in the back for a couple of minutes and then he happily fell asleep in my arms for the rest of the movie!
Best. Baby. Ever.
Let's hope I'm saying the same thing in a few nights when we start sleep training!:(
 And that was month 5 for our sweet little guy!

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