Thursday, January 19, 2012


Bowling Bowling2 Bowling4 Bowling3 Bowling5 Bowling6 Bowling8 Bowling7 Bowling9
With the cold, snow less winter upon us we have rediscovered our love for bowling!  Seriously though, did you know that I "won" our first date beating Joe at bowling?  It's a true story, but I'll save that for another time!:)  Somehow though we didn't bowl at all last winter so this outing was Eli's very first time bowling!  And he loved it.  He started off wildly tossing the ball down the alley, but after a while took a totally different approach and started rolling it incredibly gently (as in it would take 3 minutes to make it all the way down)!:)  Either was he was pretty adorable.  And Lily might have loved it even more (and yes, you might be able to tell from the last picture that she did technically beat me)!  It wasn't really my best game, but it was hard not to have fun with Lily jumping for joy with nearly every pin she knocked over!  And after this outing we also decided to spend our New Years Eve bowling (and we were literally the only ones there).  Happy Bowling!

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