Friday, January 27, 2012

Sick Daysssssss

Eli Eli2 Eli3 Eli5 Eli4
These pics of Eli enjoying a snack while watching one of his favorite PBS shows (Curious George I believe) pretty much summarizes our last two weeks.  Eli I are still sick.  Still.  Ironically Eli went for his "well child" checkup a few days ago right about the time he took another turn for the worse.  He sounded just awful that day and sure enough the doctor confirmed that he had a lot of junk in his chest- so much that his oxygen levels were at 94%- no good.  Generally you want oxygen levels to be between 100%-98% and at around 90% (I believe) is where you would need supplemental oxygen.  So, Eli was somewhere in the middle (not needing to be hospitalized, but not good).  Thankfully he responds very well to his nebulizer treatments and we have been doing them daily ever since.  He is thankfully already sounding much better but Eli and I just can't quite seem to shake this darn virus.  And thus there has been a lot of laying around and watching train videos and Curious George (and he is mostly in pretty good spirits as you can see)!  We sure would appreciate your prayers that we might get well very soon.

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Mandy said...

Hi friend! I am sorry you guys have been sick for so long! I will pray. Love you!