Saturday, December 8, 2012


This fall we were a full out soccer family.  Lily played for the first time on a team (and really enjoyed it for the most part), Joe coached her team, and I was the rec center's soccer photographer this year!  It was fun to be so involved and it helped that we really liked all of the kids and parents on Lily's team.  They also really liked having Joe as the coach...though it may have been a little harder than he expected initially he did an amazing job being patient and supportive of all of the kids and really trying to teach them the skills.  We may not have had the most naturally talented team, but they were all such great sports...evidenced on the last day playing in the pouring rain!  We are looking forward to many years of soccer to come!

Soccer Team (1 of 1) Soccer Team2 (1 of 1) P.S. Our friend's little boy, Josiah, is 2nd on the top left and he decided this soccer season that he is going to marry Lily!:) He let his parents know and while I think we would all be thrilled with that match his mom did let him know that the decision would probably have to be up to Lily!:)

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