Sunday, September 15, 2013

A visit with Grammy & Bubba

At the end of July my parents (aka Grammy and Bubba) came to visit and meet the newest member of our family!  For a week and a half Lily and Eli were loving life with their grandparents and Liam was being soothed to sleep by his Grammy.  We enjoyed eating out, time in Bar Harbor, and 5 days at a nearby lake camp that my parents rented.  It was lovely.  Really though I think the best part was that for that week and a half the kids got to enjoy their grandparents and Joe and I didn't have to worry about entertaining them!  They love just being with my parents...going to the movies, going to the jump house, and just all the fun little crafts and games my mom thought of.  So wonderful.
One of my goals it to capture more of our everyday life in photos (not just the big events or our days off).  This hasn't been easy with my hands so full and thus it might be a goal I'm slowly working towards.  But I thought that surely I could accomplish that when my parents were here (and we had two extra set of hands).  As you'll see I think I started out well on the first day.  And just didn't happen.  In fact, I didn't get a single picture of Liam with his grandparents.  Epic fail.  I had great plans for the last day of their visit and sadly dicovered, when we got out to the camp my parents were renting, that my camera battery was back home.  Oh well...I guess I'll just have to remember, without the photos to prove it, that Liam was well loved on by his grandparents during that first visit!  I'm sad that I missed that, but I did capture a few other moments from their visit...

Grammy (1 of 1) The first day. My morning alone with Liam while the rest of the family went to pick blueberries and raspberries. Grammy2 (1 of 1) Grammy3 (1 of 1) Grammy4 (1 of 1) Grammy5 (1 of 1) Great Grandma's amazing chocolate zucchini bread that traveled all the way from Wisconsin! Grammy6 (1 of 1) Grammy7 (1 of 1) 
And lunch with my other boy!
 Grammy8 (1 of 1) Grammy9 (1 of 1) Grammy10 (1 of 1) 
We love visiting the farmer's market when Grammy and Bubba visit! Grammy10 (1 of 1) Grammy11 (1 of 1) Grammy12 (1 of 1) Grammy13 (1 of 1) Grammy14 (1 of 1) Grammy (1 of 1) And another day we made new fairy gardens outside complete with new fairy houses (A flower garden for Lily's flower fairy Pink Fern. A water garden for Eli's new water fairy Splash. And a bug garden for Liam's bug fairy Cricket). Grammy2 (1 of 1) Grammy3 (1 of 1) Grammy4 (1 of 1) Grammy5 (1 of 1) 
Another day we visited Bar Harbor. Joe and my parents took the kids out on a nature cruise in hopes of seeing dolphins. We decided that it was best for Liam and I to stay behind (he was rather fussy and we weren't sure how he would do for two hours on the boat). That turned out to be a good decision...he was quite fussy so he and I did a lot of strolling around the town and harbor! Grammy6 (1 of 1)

The kids had a great time on the cruise, but didn't see any dolphins. It was quite foggy that day and when asked what he saw Eli replied, "Buoys and fog!" Joe confirmed that there was a lot of buoys and fog, but that they did see some seals and birds!

Grammy7 (1 of 1)

On the way to the restaurant that night we stopped on the bar in Bar Harbor (Eli was with Grammy and Bubba in their car)and watched how quickly the tide came in.

Grammy8 (1 of 1) Grammy9 (1 of 1) Grammy10 (1 of 1) Grammy11 (1 of 1)
For 4/5 days we played at the camp my parents rented on Pushaw Lake! It didn't all go exactly as planned...the weather was sort of cold and crummy for a couple of days and then on Liam's first boat ride our boat died in the middle of the lake and we had to have the fire department come out and tow us in (Joe was not thrilled about this). So it wasn't perfect, but there were some shared experiences (as we like to say).  Grammy12 (1 of 1) Grammy13 (1 of 1) Grammy14 (1 of 1) Grammy15 (1 of 1) 
We did lots of fishing and the kids caught lots and lots of little fish! Grammy16 (1 of 1) Grammy17 (1 of 1) Grammy18 (1 of 1) Grammy19 (1 of 1) Grammy20 (1 of 1) Grammy21 (1 of 1) Grammy22 (1 of 1) Grammy23 (1 of 1) Grammy24 (1 of 1) Grammy25 (1 of 1) Grammy26 (1 of 1) Grammy27 (1 of 1) Grammy28 (1 of 1) Grammy29 (1 of 1) Grammy and Bubba preferred to stay out of the water! Grammy30 (1 of 1) But not the kids... Grammy31 (1 of 1) Grammy32 (1 of 1) Grammy33 (1 of 1) And Sadie even discovered that she loves the water! Grammy34 (1 of 1) Grammy35 (1 of 1) Grammy36 (1 of 1) And of course there was Liam's first, eventful, boat ride... Grammy37 (1 of 1)  It wasn't all perfect, but thanks for a great visit Grammy and Bubba! We miss you!

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