Monday, September 9, 2013

Well Cared For

cared for (1 of 1) Our family has been very well cared for before and after Liam's arrival and though it's a little late I just want to express again how very grateful and thankful we are to...

My friends Sharon and Christy for loaning your lovely maternity clothes!

My friends Christy, Steph, Stef, and Palermo Christian Church for bins and baskets of baby clothes!

To the many other friends and family for your sweet gifts of clothes, blankets, diapers, and even our awesome new infant life jacket!

To Amy, Steph, Sarah Y, Anna, Stef, Sarah H, and Mary for loaning/giving (and sometimes loaning back) many items of baby gear so we didn't have to buy them again!

To Joe's parents for staying with Lily and Eli while we were in the hospital with Liam, for feeding them and us, and for the Starbucks to get me through that first day!

To our brothers and sisters and family for making the trips up here to meet the newest family member and sharing meals with us in the process!

To my friend Heidi and the 14 (yes 14) women from our church who provided meals for us every night for two weeks after Liam was born!  So very amazing (and delicious)!

To my parents for cooking (or taking us out) for every meal during the week and a half you were here!  Between you and our friends I didn't cook a dinner for over a month after Liam was born!:)

To many other friends, like Jennifer and Chrissy who have continued to bless us with incredible meals and friendship!

To my girls Laura, Jennifer, and Angie who graciously swept Lily and Eli away for mornings and afternoons of fun while I was so busy in those early weeks with Liam!

To the many, many of you who gave special financial donations to our ministry to help cover Liam's medical expenses...we are incredibly blessed!

To the hundreds of you (probably even more than I know) who prayed for our sweet Liam through all of the questions and concerns, and tests, and ultrasounds.  Amazingly he has been our healthiest baby yet and I will never know this side of heaven what role your intercessions for him played, but I know they have made a difference!

As I type this my heart is filled to overflowing.  We have been on quite a journey these last two years and as a result we have one precious babe in my arms at this very moment and one precious babe waiting for us in eternity.  Thank you to each one of you who have loved us through it all.  You have feed us, clothed us, provided for us, cried with us, rejoiced with us, prayed with us, and cared for us.  You have truly been the hands and feet of Christ and we are incredibly thankful for you!

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