Monday, December 9, 2013

Otherwise Known As...

Here is Liam's little 4 month photo shoot.
Otherwise known as, "My mom likes to dress me in cute animal outfits."
Otherwise known as, "I'm not really a turtle or a giraffe, but it's fun to pretend."
Otherwise known as, "My Grammy made me these adorable things."
Otherwise known as, "I might be a strawberry blond like my sister."
Otherwise known as, "I might be the cutest baby ever."

So, okay, Liam might actually have turned 5 months today, but I got these pictures in a few days ago so it still counts!:)  And he's still pretty fantastic.  He's starting to roll over, he loves to babble, and he's still just as smiley as ever.  Getting him to laugh is pretty easy too although he seems to think that Eli and Sadie are the most entertaining in the family.  He's a trooper driving to and from the kid's schools and he's chewing on everything that finds a way to his mouth (though his chew toy of preference is still my fingers).  Really he'd be just about perfect if he would just sleep through the night, but alas things have only gotten worse in this area.  He's back to getting up every 2-3 hours through the night to eat (but thankfully he goes right back to sleep most of the time)!  Overall he's pretty wonderful and I'm more and more in love with him each day!

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