Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dreaming of Home

We have been in our house now for 11 years.  We have been so blessed with this house and yet we never really expected to be here this long!:)  When we bought the house we were newly married and it was perfect for us...near campus, just the right size and price and honestly so much nicer than I thought we could afford. With three bedrooms we had space for an office and a spare bedroom!  We really believed that God saved this house for us.  And it has been such a good home for us.  But we never expected to be here this long and our family has changed quite a bit...3 children and some pets later and we have outgrown this house a little bit (well, sometimes it feels like a lot).   

We are thankful for this house that we have, but we have been dreaming of something else.  Dreaming of HOME...our forever home that we will raise our family in and grow old in.  A home where we can settle in, have room to grow and roam, and plant some apple trees.  And we have many other dreams too...of owning more land (a number of acres), of living on the water, of having a larger home (maybe with a dinning room this time), of living near friends, of building a house, of having a little homestead...

And now that we know that we will be staying in this area we are moving forward, pursuing these dreams, and waiting to see which of them God will have for us.  Because obviously we have a lot of dreams and while I am a bit of dreamer I'm also realistic that we will not get ALL of the things we are dreaming of.  One or two of them would be great though!  So we are looking and hoping and dreaming and wondering what God is going to do.  And trying not to get impatient in the process (some days that is easier than others).

Today is one of those days that feels a little harder.  Last week a dear friend told us about a house that her co-worker lives near that is going to be for sale later this year.  And, much to our shock, this home has MANY of the things we have been dreaming has water frontage, it has 15 acres, room to grow, it's in a perfect location for us, and the house is beautiful (at least from the outside...though we hear it's pretty great on the inside too).  It seemed too good to be true (in our price range at least)...but the sellers had a hard time selling it a few years ago (for quite a bit of money) and now they are willing to take less for it than it is worth. And suddenly it seemed many of the things we have been dreaming of at an incredible price!  And to be honest I sort of moved us in in my mind.  I dreamed of  the adventures (on land and in the water) that our little growing family could have there.  I probably shouldn't have let my mind go there quite yet (since the house isn't even officially on the market yet) but I did.  So, after talking with the owners yesterday and today it was pretty disappointing to learn that they already have somebody who is interested in the house.  They have already seen the house and say that they are very interested, but haven't put an offer on it yet.  Because the house is currently be rented the owners don't feel like they should involve anybody else (us) yet until they know whether or not these other people will put in an offer.  

So that's it for now.  The owners say they are hoping to know in a few weeks if these other people are  going to put an offer on the house and they will contact us if they don't make an offer.  So all we can do now it wait and see what God is going to do.  As I was praying about it yesterday I felt a nudge from the Lord asking me, "Do you trust me?"  I do.  I trust Him.  Of course I also know well that this doesn't always mean that I'll get what I want.  But I trust Him to know better than I do.  So, I don't know if He'll work it out for us to get this home that I am in love with or whether He has something else all together for us.

So we will wait and see and continue to look and dream (and maybe say a few prayers that these other people wouldn't make an offer on this house we love)!  Feel free to pray with us!:)

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