Monday, February 10, 2014

Liam's 1st Ski Trip

In January we took Liam (and the whole family) on his first ski trip!  It was such  a beautiful day!  Ever so slowly the kids are able to go a little bit further on skis though Eli still ends up being pulled in the sled after a pretty short distance!:)  Lily is able to go further than her brother and her endurance is already much better from last year- which is fun to watch!  In the end Joe ends up getting a decent workout because he is pulling some combination of kids in the sled!:)  And of course Liam is always in the sled if he goes.  And I do believe that he enjoy this first little ski trip of his.  In fact, like his brother before him, Liam actually fell asleep in the sled while we were skiing!  Adorable!  I'm already looking forward to many more ski trips with my little family!

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