Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Things Break

We live in a broken world.  And in this broken world things break.  This is a fact of life.  I understand it and though I might not appreciate it I am realistic about how these things work.  Of course things will break and many of them will need to be fixed, repaired, replaced over time.  Normally the breaking of things happens at what I would call a normal interval.  But not this year.  Oh no, not this year.  I present to you a list of our things that have broken since January of this year...

1, 2, 3...The truck.  It has needed to be fixed three times.  Maybe four, but for sure three.  This has been multiple thousands of dollars...none of these were repairs we were anticipating

4.  The van.  Just one repair there.

5.  The television.

6.  The fridge and freezer...loosing everything inside.  

7.  The CD drive on my computer.

8.  The battery on Joe's computer.

9.  The battery on my computer (this just happened today).

10.  The lawn mower.

11.  The griddle.

12.  The upstairs toilet (which flooded the bathroom and leaked to the downstairs).

13.  The garbage disposal.

14.  The light in the upstairs bathroom (which we haven't been able to fix yet).

15.  Joe's phone (I washed it accidentally when the dog had explosive diarrhea in the middle of the night).

16.  The cell phone Joe started using to replace the above phone (it will only text now...no audio).

17.  Our old, old cell phone we were hoping to replace #16 with...yep, that one's dead now too.

18.  The weed trimmer (this has been the ONLY thing so far we have been able to repair)!!

19 & 20  The toaster oven and the grill (both are on their last legs).

21.  Our boat (you have heard our woes about this one already...$1,500 to fix...we'll be saving up)!

22.  Our rotting deck which had to be torn down.

23.  When Joe torn down the deck he discovered that the somewhat clueless person who lived here before us and built the mudroom did it incorrectly.  With no flashing around the door frame leading to the deck water has been leaking in for years.  The entire door frame was rotten and Joe had to rebuild the whole thing.  Oh, and actually poor cement as we also learned that the mudroom was being support by a foundation of unstable concrete blocks.  Awesome.

24.  Speaking of rotting things...this weekend we came home to discover that some animal fell down our chimney, died, and rotted in our basement.  There were maggots people.  Maggots.  Joe said it was one of the grossest things he has ever dealt with.  It was almost a full day before I could bring myself to go down there.  A bunch of things on the floor have been/will need to be thrown away...you know, due to the maggots of the rotting things.

Then the other day our neighbor hit our car.  It was parked in front of our house.  Totally an accident.  Also totally not our fault.  So, yesterday our van went into the shop to be repaired (praise the Lord that this was one expense we were not responsible for).  Joe was trying to do the right thing by our neighbor and his insurance and thus declined the rental car.

And that leads us to today.  Oh today.  My amazing husband (I wasn't thinking that this morning) agreed to lead a community youth program involving rock climbing.  He thought it would go until around lunch time and he was planning to take Lily and Eli along.  That was the plan.  That was not how things worked out.  Early this morning he learned it would be an all day event and also that there would be 60 kids.  So he thought it best to leave the kids at home.  Except that without a vehicle (because the van is in the shop and my hubby declined the rental) I was stranded with no way to get the kids to and from library camp, gymnastic lessons, or the grocery store (good gracious we are pretty much out of food).  I was frustrated.  Yep, pretty frustrated with my amazing hubby.  So, I sucked it up and walked the kids to the library.  Where my wonderful friend Jennifer devised a plan to save the day.  We drove her van to her mom's house so that she could borrow her mom's extra car and give us her van for the day.  I call that a pretty good friend, don't ya think?!  Bummer though is that as soon as I backed her van down the drive way it died.  Seriously people, I am not making this up.  I tried and tried and tried to get it started but it just kept dying.  So I went and got my friend (who had gone inside) and she gave it a try.  She got it running right away so she drove it away to test it.  A few minutes later and I was sure that she was stranded somewhere with baby Liam in the backseat.  I was right.  So now her van is broke down on the side of the road.  THIS REALLY HAPPENED.   Seriously, as if it's not enough to break my own stuff I am now breaking other people's things just by touching them!

So, she drove me and Liam back to our house in her mom's car.  As soon as I got home I got a text from Joe (a text mind you because his phone doesn't have audio and we can't afford to get a new one right now).  The text said that he lost our truck key (our ONE, electronic key) in the sand pit where they were doing the climbing traverse.  Seriously.  60 kids looked for it in that sand pit and couldn't find it.  The guy who was coming to make him a new electronic key (for $250 mind you) never showed up.  Joe was stranded and finally got a ride home from a guy he didn't even know.  We JUST had this discussion on Sunday (two days ago) about how we should really make extra keys for our cars.  We also talked about how we knew we wouldn't because it costs close to $100 to get a new key made for the truck (another expense we can't afford right now).  We have had this truck for about 8 or 9 years now and have never lost the one key...until the ONE day our other vehicle is in the shop (and our friend's car is broken down on the side of the road)!  YOU CAN NOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

So there you have it. Stuff breaks.  Stuff rots (sometimes in your basement).  Stuff gets lost (sometimes in a sand pit).  And my head is spinning.  I would like to believe that we have broken everything there is to be broken.  But we haven't so I won't udder those words.  Though 23+ things is a lot...but it's only July.  Lord, please let the breaking and rotting and loosing of things stop.  Please!  

There, I feel a little better now!

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