Monday, August 25, 2014

11 Months!

Eleven months was a big developmental time for Liam. Quite honestly the details are all already a little blurry for me (crazy how that happens) but this was the month that he really started crawling well and steady and fast.  And then he began kneeling and pulling up on things.  It was like a flip switched in this little guy and as soon as he realized he could move and get around and do things there was no stopping him.  Gone is my mellow guy content to sit and watch.  Hello to my fun and feisty and active little man!
And thus this little photo shoot was quite challenging.  Somehow it crept up on me (again) and I found myself on the last day trying to squeeze it in.  I lost some of my wooden numbers to the dead rotting animal episode in our basement so at the last minute I had to find something else for the number eleven!  And then this active little guy  I photograph moving children all of the time but this one doesn't quite understand yes and no, crawls toward every dangerous situation possible (roads, stairs, etc...) and doesn't yet know that grass/sticks/ants/rocks aren't food.  So, it is what it of my sweet baby at 11 months doing his own things (and refusing to pose or smile for mama's camera)!

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