Monday, April 2, 2012


Spring- (1 of 1) Spring-3 (1 of 1) Spring-2 (1 of 1) Spring-6 (1 of 1) Spring-4 (1 of 1) Spring-5 (1 of 1)
Almost two weeks ago now we had some crazy warm weather here (as did much of the country)!  It was 70 and 80 degrees for a few days in a row...sunny and amazing for March!  And oh boy did we need it because it happened right at the time that Eli was diagnosed with strep and pink eye and we were quarantined to be by at least we could go outside and enjoy the sunshine by ourselves!:)  It felt like summer and we enjoyed every second of it!  You might remember that spring is my least favorite season.  I enjoy the snow of winter and the sun of summer and I simply love fall.  But spring?  Well quite honestly I could go straight from the snow of winter to the full on warmth and sun of summer and be perfectly happy.  And two weeks ago this dream seemed to become reality.  Then a week later is snowed... seriously it snowed.  And now we are sort of back to the chilly dampness that is Spring in Maine.  But I can look back on these couple of photos I captured during the glorious days of was late afternoon and Lily had just been dropped off from gymnastics class by a friend (because I couldn't take Eli there to pick her up).  Eli and I had been playing outside for almost two hours at this point and we had happily been playing in the sandbox.  When Lily joined us somehow (and I'm not really even sure which of them started it) a lot more water got dumped into the sandbox and then more and more and more until the sandbox was pretty much flooded.  Then they wanted to stomp around in the flooded muck with their feet, which then turned into splashing, which then turned into throwing muck at one another, which then turned into full out rolling around in the flooded sandbox.  And I basically just watched and let it all happen (and grabbed my camera) because isn't this what being a child is about?  Maybe all 80 degree spring days should end soaked with water and covered in sand!:)

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