Saturday, May 19, 2012

On the Road and with Family!

Family Picture (1 of 1)
Good gracious it's been a while since I posted!  Truth is I still have pictures and posts to share from our Spring Break way back a few months ago...and this picture is one of many family pictures that I never posted from last fall (but plan to one of these days...yes, I must do that)!
But for right now we are on the road and spending some wonderful time with family and getting ready to direct the summer project in Colorado very soon and, well, I'm feeling a bit too worn out (in a mostly good way) in the evenings to edit pictures.  And I have a feeling this might be how it goes for a while since we are entering into a very busy season of life with our summer project.  So bear with me and I'll update a bit here and there and then maybe in August I'll take a few days and just edit, edit, edit and blog, blog, blog and get us all caught up!:)
But, like I said, for right now we are on the road.  We left on Monday and spent the day with Joe's family celebrating his mom's birthday (and mine too).  Following that was two days worth of driving where once again it almost seemed as though our kids handled it better than us (they are pretty amazing travelers)...though a short attention span from one sweet little man did require a little bit more interaction from the passenger parent than in travels past!  All in all though they were really great!
We are now with my parents in Wisconsin and our time here is already flying by...quality time with Grammy and G-Pa, some fun and unique outdoor activities (because it's been hot here), a family birthday party for Lily today, yard sales, and yummy treats!  Oh, it's been good!  And that's what this family is up to these days!

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