Friday, June 1, 2012

We Made It!!

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We made it!  After four long days of driving and a week break in the middle with my family we finally arrived in Colorado last weekend!  We drove in through a strange wind/dust storm so we couldn't see much, but when I woke up the next morning the view from our condo took my breath away!  Really, these pictures don't even do it justice- it's incredible!  We have been busy getting settled in and jumping right into work.  Truth be told I haven't worked this much in a long time, but it's good.  This week has just been our staff team that is giving leadership to this summer project and tomorrow the staff that we are training arrive followed by the students a week later.  It's going to be a very full summer!
Lily is really enjoying being here (especially because she gets to see her friend Libby everyday).  Eli is having a bit of a harder time adjusting and throughout the day asks us to go home.  It's a little sad, but I have every confidence that he will adjust- hopefully!  You can pray for that.  If you would could you also pray for my health.  I've had a head cold since we arrived and my ingrown toenail has returned (and I may have to have it surgically removed again while I'm here) times!  This is my first time directing one of our summer projects and these things (though minor) are really not what I need stealing my attention- so I would love some prayer for healing!
We have been meeting and planning and scouting all day and often well into the evening (we wrapped up our meeting last night at 10p.m.) so today our team gets to go have a little fun on a zip line tour through Mt. Crested Butte!  I'm so excited for the thrill of zipping down the mountain!  So, I'm off for now!  I do still have tons of pictures and stories to share from our time in Wisconsin (and even before that) but our internet connection here is spotty and my days are pretty packed, but I'll eventually get to all of them!  So many fun things to share!

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