Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home & an Update

We made it- we're home!!!
I know it's been a while, but it's been a very full (sometimes very hard) week and a half since I last wrote.  As we got closer to the end of project things got a little crazy.  On our last day with the students I was all dressed up and ready to take (and be in) our project photo when I got the news that our wonderful childcare worker (sweet, 18 year old Paula) blacked out, fell, and hit the back of her head/neck on the table.  Instead of being a part of the group picture, our project banquet, and the final student sharing time I experienced my first ambulance ride and spent the evening with Paul in the hospital.  Thankfully she is just fine (just a really bad bruise on the back of her head).  I was sad to miss the final student sharing time (I guess I'll just have to learn about what God was teaching them in the end from their evaluations) but I was more than happy to be there for Paula. 
The next night we got the sad news that one of our staff guys had lost his father totally unexpectedly.  It was such a sad time for all of us, but it was also beautiful to watch the body of Christ come together the way it did.  Not only did our staff family rally around this couple to help them pack, feed them, clean their car, pack their car, provide food and toys for the trip for their kids, pray for them, etc... but almost more impressive is that this couple let us.  They welcomed us into their pain and accepted our love and support and physical help.  It was hard.  And beautiful. 
And thus the schedule, feel, and pace of our last few days on the project were changed and I was reminded once again that this project was God's...not mine.  And that's how it ended...probably just the way it should be...not my plans, but His.
And then we loaded up the van and drove down from the mountain to Fort Collins to spend the weekend with our good friends The Hoskins.  I could go on and on about how sweet and relaxing the time with them was, how wonderfully our kids played together, how much I enjoyed simple conversation with them, and just how much I love, love, love this family...how I leave each encounter with them wanting more of them and of the Lord but I'll save all of that for another time!:)  I also got to visit with my dear friend Kate and all I can say about that right now is that it wasn't nearly long enough...not nearly.  Oh sweet friends of Colorado please come East!!!
Joe started the very long drive home on Saturday and the following day the kids and I took the easier route (or so I thought) flying home (I'll have a whole post on that adventure for you, I promise)!  Joe joined us yesterday at his parent's house and this morning we drove the final two hours HOME!!!  We unpacked for a short bit and then I headed right away to have surgery on my toe.  My doctor turned out to be an incredibly faith filled Christian who just encouraged me through the whole thing and even prayed for me before he started (the nerve block still hurt like a bugger....but everything else went incredibly smoothly)! 
And that brings us to right now (minus of course two months full of stories and pictures I have yet to share).  For now I am resting my poor big toe, trying to unpack, and attempting to catch up a tiny bit at home before we leave for a camp vacation with Joe's family on Saturday!

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