Sunday, July 1, 2012


Rainbow (1 of 1)

I know it's been a while and I know that some of you are wondering how we are so I just wanted to share that we are doing well and that we are safe.  Yes, a lot of Colorado is on fire, but we are safe and a good 3-5 hours from most of the wildfires.  Three of the biggest ones are around the Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Boulder areas.  I have close friends in these areas and we have staff on our project who's family has been evacuated from their home so, although we are not personally affected, we would love to ask for your prayers for protection for these loved ones.  Please pray for the firefighters that are fighting these huge (historic really) wildfires...pray for their safety and pray that they would be able to contain these fires quickly. 
It is dry here...incredibly dry.  In fact we didn't have any rain (as in absolutly none) for the whole first month we were here (we had a few minutes of snow flurries the 2nd day we were here).  And then, interestingly enough, right after the wildfire broke out around Colorado Springs last week (and when much of the country took notice and started asking for prayers for rain) we started to get a little bit of rain.  No rain for months and then after an outcry for rain we got rain a little bit each day for a few days in a row!  I just don't think it's a coincidence.  I snapped this picture just the other day from our building...the incredible rainbow was such a good reminder of God's promise and faithfulness to us. 
It is still very dry here and there are extreme fire bans (including, sadly, no fireworks on our little mountain).  Please continue to pray for rain- this land needs it very is a bit desert-like here. 
Beyond that we are well.  This last week was much more laid back for us and our children have been sleeping later in the mornings than usual (nothing short of God's mercy on us)!  So we are feeling a bit more rested and I think we might just make it through the next two weeks!:)
Thank you for your prayers for us...we look forward to sharing soon all that God has been doing here!

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