Tuesday, August 13, 2013


lemonade (1 of 1) lemonade2 (1 of 1)
Recently our dear friends, the Betters, held a huge yard sale to help raise funds for their adoption.  We were planning on doing our own yard sale, but we were more than happy to just give them all of our stuff...and many other people did the same and they had just a ton of stuff!  They also had a bake sale an raffle and Lily and her friend Hannah were thrilled to get into the action by selling lemonade and brownies.  This was the second year that Lily gave all of her lemonade stand money to the Betters and she gives with such a cheerful heart that it is humbling for me as a mama and I am so proud of her!  Our friends raised around $2,500 that weekend...just a few hundred short of their next goal!  God is so good!!

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