Saturday, August 24, 2013

Smile for Mama

Liam has been smiling here and there since he was born, but they say that it is around 6 weeks old that babies start to smile responsively.  Well, just the other day (in fact just a day before he turned 6 weeks) he was kicking back on the kitchen table checking out the new black and white mobile that I made him (though you can't see it here)...

smile5 (1 of 1) And I was trying to get his attention to take his picture when he turned to look at me... smile (1 of 1) And I took the camera away from my face and smiled really big at him and this is what I got in response... smile4 (1 of 1) The first time he smiled in response to me smiling at him (and I got it on camera)!!!
 Oh my GOODNESS... I am in LOVE with that beautiful gummy smile!

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