Monday, August 19, 2013

Nautical or Wild?

I have just about finished switching the kid's bedrooms around.  The boys are now in the bigger room since there will, eventually, be two of them in there!  And now it's time for a little redecorating!  I've got all of my plans set for Lily's room, but I'm still trying to decide what to do in the boys room,
  Want to help me?

I think I have decided that the theme will either be ocean/nautical or "where the wild things are."
Either way I am hoping to start with this amazing swing: Ship's See-Saw: Toys & Games
And either way the colors will likely be red, blue, teal and white.  And there will be flag buntings and some cute painted paddles.

If it is a nautical theme I will add some whales to the wall like this:
perhaps these needs to be the theme for a kids bedroom.  just a reminder that mom was once a whalen.

And some more fun art like these:
DIY Nautical Nursery Art

And a whale mobile for Liam:
whale mobile

And maybe if I can figure out this (only smaller and a different color):
Octopus Critter Foam Bean Bag Chair
And throw in some more boats and whales for fun!

Or I could do "Where the Wild Things Are" from the book.  Same boat swing, colors, flags, and paddles.  But a little more like this...
Birch tree wall decals similar to this:
Large Wall Birch Tree Decal Forest Kids Vinyl Sticker Removable (9 trees) 8 foot tall 1109

And some cute wall art:
Where the Wild Things Are quote.  Maurice Sendak

boys room!
monster loving. where the wild things are

And stars hanging from the ceiling, faux animal furs, a star or cute monster mobile, some cute stuffed monsters, and trunks for storing toys and more boats:
Sail through this easy to make boat
And maybe a large monster bean bag...but cute of course.  

So there it is...what would you choose?  Let me know in a comment or vote in my pole on the sidebar!

P.S.  I fully expect this to take me 6 months to a year given my little free time!:)

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