Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our Epic Florida Trip: Day 17- Family

I think that this was actually our most laid back day!  We drove about an hour and a half down to my Aunt Karen and Uncle Craig's house (Uncle Craig is my dad's older brother).  It has been quite a while since we have seem them and I believe that it was their first time meeting Eli and Liam.  And even better was that their children (my cousins Jenny and CJ) were there with their families too!  It was our very first time meeting each other's children in person!  Uncle Dave and cousin Matt joined us too.  It was really a wonderful, relaxing afternoon catching up with family, eating good food, and watching the kids swim in the pool and play!  My cousin Jennifer put together some fun games for the kids to play (complete with prizes) and the kids had a fantastic time...I was really amazed at how quickly and easily they all got along!  What a fun we just need to convince everybody to come to Maine for the next visit!:)

Family (1 of 1) My parents and Liam. I have no idea what they were doing or looking at...but it was one of the very few pictures I took that day (I'm not sure why...I guess I was too relaxed)! Family2 (1 of 1) But we did get this great picture of all of us together!  From the left is my Uncle Dave, My dad, me, Eli, Joe, Lily, Emily (my cousin Jennifer's daughter), my mom , Liam, Aunt Karen, Jacob (Jennifer's son), Bruce (Jennifer's husband), Gram (Aunt Karen's mom), Jennifer, Karry (my cousin CJ's wife), CJ, Brecken (CJ's daughter) and my Uncle Craig.  Thanks to my cousin Matt for being willing to brave my camera and take the picture for us!Cousins And Aunt Karen did get these pictures of me with my cousin CJ and his little girl. Cousins2 And me and my cousin Jennifer!

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