Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lily's First Pictures

We have been doing "alphabet school" a few days a week with Lily (more about that to come in a future post). The day that we learned about the letter "C" I decided to teach Lily how to use my camera. I was actually going to let her learn on our old digital point and shoot camera (we keep it around for times when taking my good camera is too risky- like in the canoe). But when I fired it up the camera was dead (as in crazy squiggly lines running through the screen). So I put on my brave face and let her lay hands on my good camera (while I was holding it of course- the thing is big and heavy after all). So here are Lily's first pictures! I toyed around with the idea of getting her one of those indestructible kid's cameras (my niece Brenna has one and loves taking pictures with it). But those cameras take horrible pictures. So for now we'll wait a year or two and then maybe get her an inexpensive real point and shoot digital camera. In the meantime I'll be brave every now and then and let her learn how to use mine!:)

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