Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alphabet School

Lily flying her kite

Above: We had to move to the soccer field for more room to fly our kites!
Below: Our L shaped pretzels

For a little while now Lily and I have been doing "Alphabet School" a few days a week (or sometimes a little less- depending upon the week). She has LOVED it! We start off Alphabet School in our basement as I write the letter of day on Lily's little chalkboard. Then she tries writing it to (sometimes she gets it and sometimes she doesn't). And then we find a creative way to make the letter on construction paper (one letter might be in paint, another with glitter, another with popsicle sticks, etc...). We have been hanging all of the letters on the hallway wall going upstairs so that we can practice them from time to time. After that we try to do a simple activity involving the letter we are learning about. For "A" we zoomed around the house and pretended to be airplanes. For "F" we picked flowers in the backyard. For "J" we sorted a bowl full of jellybeans according to color and then ate some. For "K" we flew homemade paper kites. And just recently for "L" we made L shaped homemade pretzels. And to wrap up alphabet school I give her a pile of letter magnets and have her try to find our letter of the day in the pile and then do the same with a stack of letter flash cards. It's so simple and she just really loves learning. We are only up to the letter "L" and she doesn't remember all of the letters we have already done, but she is learning some of them and we are having a great time doing some hands-on learning together!

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