Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Ballet

Ready for the ballet!

The week and a half before Christmas Lily and I were privileged to enjoy two live performances!

First we got tickets with friends to see a live theatre performance of The Velveteen Rabbit. We were able to get $5 homeschool tickets which was so wonderful! Lily loved the performance and it really was great for kids- I only wish we had bought the book before the show so that she understood the plot a little better. It didn't seem to matter to much to her though and she just loved it when the rabbit came alive!

And our 2nd performance of the week came when her and I went to see the much anticipated Nutcracker ballet! Lily was beyond excited for this. She got to dress up in this beautiful Christmas dress that my mom bought for her which made her even more excited. Once again she patiently watched every moment in wide eyed wonder (though towards the end she did begin to look a bit sleepy- but given that it's over two hours long and during her regular nap time that's to be expected)! At the end of the ballet she got to hug one of the sheep from the ballet (which she just loved)- the scenes with the sheep and the big bad wolf were some of our favorites! She also got to meet one of the lead ballerinas (dressed all in glittery white) and Lily got to tell her how beautiful she was. What a special moment for my little ballerina.
We may live in a rather little town in Maine, but I am so thrilled that we have such great opportunities for the arts here- what fun experiences for my daughter and I to enjoy together!

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