Thursday, December 9, 2010

The daughter she never had...

My mother might best be described as sparkly. Or fancy. Or posh. She doesn't just wear clothes she wears complete outfits. And they usually have some form of sparkle, glitter, or fake fur- or they have their own complete theme. She doesn't just wear one or two rings- no, she can often be found wearing three or five or more (and earrings and necklaces, etc...)! She has a different purse for every month of the year (literally, she changes them at least once a month). I, on the other hand, am very simple. Some might call it boring, but I prefer simple. I like jewelry, but I've never been very good at accessorizing so most of the time you will just find me wearing my wedding and engagement rings. I do like color (ummm...I just colored my hair red), but I still like to keep it pretty basic. I love jeans and fleece and I'm a sucker for cords and a great sweater (I do have one sweater with fake fur on the hood, but it's brown so it sort of balances out)!:) My mom and I are about as opposite as you can get in terms of style and that's probably why she gave up on buying me any sort of clothes or jewelry years ago. Truth be told we could both probably use a What Not To Wear makeover (just in case anyone wants to nominate us)! So one might think that we came from different families until Lily came along. Every time my little girl prances down the stairs in her brightly colored, glittery dress up dresses, laden with jewelry, and wearing plastic high heels and a tiara I just can't help but think how much like my mom she is! At first I just thought that it must be a preschool girl thing (Lily's love for all things dress up and fancy), but I asked my mom during out last visit and it turns out that even when I was little I didn't quite share their love for dress up and fancy things. Now ballerinas are a different story, but I guess I never wanted to wear tutus EVERYDAY! So we might be different, but I am happy that my mom finally got the daughter she never had (at least in terms of fashion)!:)
P.S. I was reminded of all of this once again during our recent trip to Wisconsin. Lily got this fantastic bucket of beads from my grandma and Aunt Pam (as an early Christmas gift) and her and my mother and I had a great time creating all sorts of necklaces, bracelets, and rings. As you can see Lily wanted to wear as many of them as possible (and not just for the pictures- she wore them around like this for as long as she could)! grandmother like granddaughter!

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