Friday, March 4, 2011

52 Weeks of Service: Cocoa




You can see just a hint of her hot cocoa mustache!


Can you pick out Eli in the pictures above and below? He spent most of the time running around the table, crawling over the snow, falling down, waiting for Joe to pick him up, and starting all over again!


Last week for our family service we did something that Joe and I have done a number of times before (but never with our kids): we gave out free hot cocoa to U-Maine students!

On a very chilly morning we set up a table outside near the student union and offered free hot cocoa to students on their way to class. This was a service project for our Lifelines/Campus Crusade students, but our whole family was excited to participate. As you might be able to read from the cups our hope was to "show God's love in a tangible way."

Because it was SOOO cold that morning the kids and I came out after everything was set up and helped out for just an hour. Lily was so sweet as she called out to students, "Would you like some free hot cocoa?" And as she did it she would cup her hands behind her ears as if, for some reason, that would amplify her sweet little voice! To be honest with you I have no idea how anybody could deny her!

We often struggle to think of ways that we can tangibly serve college students (who often have so much), but this was one way, on a very cold morning, for us to show that we care. I heard one student, as she was walking away with cocoa in hand, say to her friend, "This just made my day." And a number of other students were amazed to find out that we weren't asking for anything in return! God's love in action is a beautiful thing and I was so happy that on this morning that my kids were able to be a part of it!

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