Wednesday, March 2, 2011



On the balance beam.


Above: Lily's friend on the beam
Below: Lily doing the obstacle course


Lily recently finished her 2nd gymnastics class at our local YMCA and she loved it! She took both classes with two of her favorite little girl friends and she looked forward to it every week! Truth be told so did I (since her friend's mama's happen to be two of my favorite friends)!

Every week we met at the YMCA, Lily and the girls enjoyed the balance beams, trampoline, uneven bars, and obstacle courses, and the moms and I had an hour just to sit together and talk (and watch our girls)! It happened to fall on an afternoon Joe had off (so he stayed home with Eli). Not only was it fun for everyone, but I actually think that Lily could be quite good at gymnastics.

And thus I would be quite happy if she continued with the gymnastic classes for a while, but my little ballerina wants to try ballet and we want to let her try a lot of different things (and decide for herself what she loves the most). So, we are done with the gymnastic classes for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if we are back in the not too distant future!

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