Saturday, October 22, 2011

67 Days with Jude

Thank you so much for all of you who have been praying for our friends Brandon and Mandy and their sweet baby boy Jude.  God has answered those prayers, just not in the way we were hoping.  Yesterday Jude went to be with the Lord.  As they said in their blog, Brandon and Mandy were able to spend 67 beautiful days with Jude.  Now he has gone on to spend the rest of eternity with the one who gave him life.  Would you please continue to pray for Mandy and Brandon- I have only the very slightest idea of what they are experiencing, but I wouldn't wish that pain or sorrow on anyone.  Please pray that God would make His presence known to them in a strong and powerful way over the next days and weeks and months.  It is only our God that can give parents peace through a time like this and we can trust God to take care of Mandy and Brandon because he has been where they are, he has experienced the loss of his own son.  Pray that God would comfort them and give them rest.  My heart is just absolutely broken for them today and I have shed many tears today for my friends.  I find comfort for them in knowing that this is only the beginning of their journey with their son- knowing that one day they will be reunited.  I have also been finding it incredible to think this morning that maybe Jude and Joy have met each other.  Maybe they have found each other- somehow knowing that they were lifted up to the Lord in prayer by each other's families. 

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