Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Close Enough...

For the last couple months I have been having my blood tested every 10-14 days. It's the same routine...I have my blood drawn, hope and pray for that "magical" number zero, and wait for my doctor to call with the pathology reports the next day. They are testing and monitoring my HCG hormone levels. Once my levels get to zero and stay there then we can be sure that there is no more abnormal tissue growing and I'll be given the "all clear." With every pathology report my numbers have gone down fairly significantly. And then the last couple of weeks things have slowed a bit. I went from 100 to 40 and then to 13. I was sure after 40 that I would hear that number zero so I admit that I was a bit disappointed when the nurse said 13. I allowed myself to be bummed about it for a bit and then I made a choice to view it with an eternal perspective...knowing that in light of eternity (and all the wonders that await me there...including my baby girl) the few extra weeks of testing is such a small thing. I know I won't get to heaven someday and complain (or even think about) having to wait a few more weeks and get poked with a needle a few more times!

But I still prayed that this next time my levels would be zero (and REALLY expected they would). I was tested on Monday and my results came back yesterday...SIX... uggghhh....really? But before I even had time to remind myself to have an eternal perspective I was told that basically this number is close enough. It's not zero, but close enough for now. So...what this means is that I now just have to have my blood tested once a month for the next 6 months. If my numbers stay down (and don't increase at all) during the next 6 months then I'm in the clear... here's to six months from now and whatever it is that God has planned for us!

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Fitzgerald said...

Awesome! Praise God!