Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Family Evening

TireSwing 3-web
TireSwing 4-web
TireSwing 5-web
TireSwing 6-web
TireSwing 9-web
TireSwing 10-web
TireSwing 12-web
TireSwing 22 web
TireSwing 23 web
TireSwing 24 web
TireSwing 7-web
TireSwing 8-web
TireSwing 13-web
TireSwing 14-web
TireSwing 15-web
TireSwing 16-web
TireSwing 17-web
TireSwing 18 web
TireSwing 19web

Last weekend we also spent an evening with Joe's family at his sister's house. She lives right on the ocean and, as you can see, it's beautiful. After I took our oldest nephew's senior pictures (maybe I'll share some of those later) I couldn't resist snapping these of each of the youngest set of grandchildren on the tire swing! Oh my they are a cute bunch! And you may have noticed that Eli is the only little boy in the group. But...our sister-in-law is maybe he won't be for very long (or he'll just be totally outnumbered

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