Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Post Below

I just finished writing a post that I have been working on all week. I always knew that someday I would share about the day we lost the baby and the days following, but it has taken me some time. You should be warned that it is a long, emotional post (and maybe one that everyone won't want to read, which I understand). It really just begins to touch on though all we have been experiencing and learning and feeling over the last two months. I wanted to write it because I want to remember. I know that might seem strange to some. But I've found that with a miscarriage so much of the focus is on the loss and not the life. And so I wanted to remember and honor the life of my little girl. And I wanted to share (and remember) how God met me so faithfully and how He so surely carried us through that time. Every morning during that time I would wake up and lay in my bed and all I could do was pray that God would somehow give me the strength, His strength, to get through. He did and He is.

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