Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Zoo

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I grew up going to this little zoo in my hometown.  I remember that watching the turtles in the turtle pond was my favorite.   I also remember being afraid of the peacocks that they would just let roam free (they would spread their feathers wide and I would be too afraid to pass them)!  So, this may not be the biggest or best zoo, but it's special because of these memories and thus is feels special being able to now take my kids to this zoo!  We had a great morning there with the kids and my parents and I think most of us agreed that the camel was our you can see he was very friendly and very interested in us!:)
That seems like a long time ago now even though it was just May.  I have many more pictures to share from our time with my family in Wisconsin (including our awesome vacation at the water park) but for now I have to start editing some of my pictures from Colorado (because we will need them for the end of the project) so you'll probably start seeing some of those before the rest of the ones from Wisconsin!:)  We are still here in Colorado working like crazy and playing a bit too!  I believe that God is really using this project and it's been an honor to be a part of it even if we are a bit exhausted!  More to come from Colorado soon I promise!

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