Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Old Camera

Being Good (1 of 1)
I recently found these pictures from my "old" camera. My Nikon D200 is still a great camera (though I'll be honest that it just doesn't compare to my new one)- and thus I don't use it very much anymore. I have it as a back up and I also use it in situations where I'm a little too nervous to bring my really good camera (usually events involving water)! As a result I sometimes forget that I have pictures on my old camera that I haven't downloaded. I recently found these pictures. The one above is of Eli from about a year ago. He was having a good time climbing in and out of his toy box...and notice what his bib says!:) Spring (1 of 1) And the rest of these pictures are from a spring canoeing trip we did with the kids on one of our days off. Oh, this trip was an adventure all right. The weather seemed pretty bring and warm and sunny...until we got on the water. On the water it was windy and pretty darn cold. And we forgot to bring gloves for the kids. We tried to do some fishing and the kids did pretty well (with doughnut holes as incentive) on the way out across the lake, but then Eli really started to get cold. And once we turned around and were going against the wind it was all over. The kids were freezing and Eli was pretty much just crying and screaming huddled against me. Joe and I were trying to paddle as fast as we could. Good times it was not. It got so bad that after a while we pulled over to warm the kids up and the kids and I actually hiked along the shoreline for a while while Joe paddled the canoe alone (it was much warmer off the water). It was one of those shared family experiences that we can laugh at now and vow to never forget the mittens again!:) Spring2 (1 of 1) Spring3 (1 of 1) Spring4 (1 of 1) Spring5 (1 of 1) Spring6 (1 of 1) Spring7 (1 of 1)

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