Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We found out today that Eli got a spot at the preschool where Lily did Pre-K last year!!!
I'll admit that I never would have imagined that my baby, my almost 3 year old, would be going to preschool already...but it looks as though he is!  Over the summer (and through our childcare on the summer project) Eli really started to want to be around other little kids his age.  As soon as we got home he started asking to see his friends everyday.  And sadly we only have a few little friends his age...he's really used to playing more with kids Lily's age or older.  So Joe and I decided that this (preschool) would be really good for him- to be around other kids his age and also for his speech and language development (which expanded leaps and bounds this summer).  He'll be going just 1 or 2 days a week- just a couple of hours in the morning.  Just enough I think.  I still can't believe that we were able to get him a spot at this wonderful school...such an answer to prayer!!

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