Friday, October 19, 2012

Conversations with Eli

Eli is growing leaps and bounds with his speech.  He talks so sweetly and it still just makes my heart melt (and laugh) to have a little conversation with him!  Here are two of my favorites from this week...

We were making caramel apples and I must have called him "my baby" or something like that.  As usual he corrected me, informing me that he is not a baby, but a big boy!  Then...
Me: "You will always be my baby.  I remember when you were just a baby in my tummy.
Eli:  "Wwwwhhhhaaatttt?  You eat me?
Me:  "No, I didn't eat you.  You were a baby growing in my tummy before you were born."
Eli:  "Oh.  That's funny."

Then just the other day...
Me:  "Eli, daddy has to go to work."
Eli:  "Me go to work too."
Me:  "Someday you'll go to work.  What do you want to do for work?"
Eli: "Shoot bad guys."
Hmmmm...don't know if I should be proud or nervous about that one!:)

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