Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our CRAZY week!

You know it was a crazy week, when you are almost through the following week and still don't feel totally recovered!:)  Yep, that was our week last MADNESS!
It was a pretty full week to begin with what with work and ministry and home school.  I was also teaching a photography lesson to our home school group about Ansel Adams and black and white photography.  We took a little field trip and got the kids shooting and it was beautiful.  Here's my shot from the trip:

Adams (1 of 1) And even though we were focused on black and white photography I just couldn't resist this one in color: Adams2 (1 of 1) And these were two from Lily, my little budding photographer: Lily2 (1 of 1) Lily3 (1 of 1) And a couple of the girls from our home school group: Adams3 (1 of 1) And I just couldn't resist these pictures of Lily walking with her friend, Hannah, on our way back from photographing: Adams5 (1 of 1) Adams7 (1 of 1) Adams8 (1 of 1) Adams9 (1 of 1) Adams10 (1 of 1) That was a fun afternoon! And then that's when things got crazy... Much of the next few days were consumed by our dog, Indy. We got word from our vet that there isn't much more that they can do for him and his leg (badly affected with arthritis). We had hoped, along with our vet, that we would be able to amputate his leg. That didn't seem like a great option to us, but it was really one of the only ones we had. We agonized over the decision only to find out last Wednesday that it was never really an option. His x-rays came back and showed that he also has arthritis in his other front leg (making him a bad candidate for amputating his badly affected leg). There were many tears in our house that night as we feared that we would have to put our beloved Indy down in the next day or two. He was in pain, not putting any weight on his leg, and crying at times in pain. It was awful and we just knew we could't let it continue. It felt all consuming those couple of days. Then on Thursday evening Lily accidentally threw a stick at my eye resulting in multiple cuts to my cornea. It happened later in the evening after Joe had already left to work a rare shift at the fire department. Ironic that my husband, the EMT, wasn't able to help me on the one night I really needed it! I struggled through the night...waking multiple times to help my sick pup (while only being able to use one eye). It was not a pretty picture. The next morning (one day before my biggest photography job ever) the eye doctor removed the flaps of my cornea that were sticking up (and causing pain)and that afternoon while I rested and recovered Joe took off for our Fall Conference that weekend that he was helping to lead (told you it was a crazy week)! Late that evening, just when I thought the crazy was starting to lessen, Eli decided to drink about 1/3 of a bottle of children's cough medicine that he found in his room (with the child safety cap ON I will add). How he got that open I still don't know...but apparently he drank quite a bit (WHY would you WANT to drink that much cough medicine?)!! A call to Joe resulted in calling poison control (my first time). Visions of dragging my children to the ER at 10p.m. were hauting my already exhausted brain...but thankfully that wasn't necessary and Eli was fine. The next day, with a clear contact bandage over my injured eye (that nobody noticed thankfully)I photographed 55 soccer kids from our local rec center, Lily played in her soccer game (Joe came back to coach), Joe's parents came to watch (and take the children so I could photograph),Joe returned to the conference and afterwards I drove down to Southern Maine to get the kids and go to a family harvest party. The next day we all returned home and rested. Oh, did I also mention that we were all sick in varying degrees last week too? Yep, vomiting, staying home from school for Eli, nasty coughs, runny noses, and achy bodies. Good gracious. It's been a week now and I still don't feel like I've caught up or fully recovered!:) But the photographs are all done and delivered, my eye has healed nicely, the coughs are also getting better, and Indy is still with us (he took a wonderful turn over the weekend, is in much less pain, and thus we in a holding pattern for now and we are so thankful for that)! There are so many people who have lives so much crazier than mine, but that's all the crazy I can use for a while please!

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Yikes! I hope brighter days are headed your way!