Saturday, October 6, 2012

Eli Update

Eli (1 of 1) Eli2 (1 of 1)
Oh, my sweet little Eli.
I just want to squeeze him all the time.
At just a month and a half short of 3 years old he insists that he is a "Big Boy" now...don't get caught calling him baby or little boy...he's big now (sigh).
He never seems excited or upset to go to school (just content), but he seems to be having a blast when he's there and he's always excited when I pick him up.  I've snuck in a few times to watch him and it's so great to watch him singing and dancing and playing along with all the other kids.  When we walked into school the other day he pointed to a little boy running past and said, "Mama, that's my friend."  And one of  the teachers, who was right there, confirmed that they really enjoy playing together.  Melt my heart.  It's the first little friend he's made all on his own!
He went in for a checkup about a month ago and he's a healthy little boy...solidly in the 50th percentile for just about every area of growth.  And developmentally he's around the 3 1/2 year mark.  When he could verbally say the name of all the objects they pointed to this mama nearly cried tears of joy.  He still seems delayed with his speech, but has come leaps and bounds compared to where he was at his last check up when he could barely say a hand full of words.  He really is doing great with his speech...and maybe because it's taken him so long that I just can't help but smile whenever he talks.
We went to an open play gymnastics time last week and the head gymnastics coach there told me a few times that she was really impressed by him...and that he's apparently very coordinated for his age.  You should have seen him trying to do all of the things he's been watching Lily do in her gymnastics glass (and yes, he was able to do many of them)!
Lately he is totally fascinated with bugs...and he'll tell you that he both loves and is afraid of spiders.  
If there is a puddle anywhere Eli will find it and splash in it until he's soaked...I've just nearly given up trying to stop him.
He still chooses fruit over almost anything else (you should watch him put away the orange slices at Lily's soccer games)...unless candy corn or lollipops are an option!
It's currently 8:30p.m. and Eli has been up in his room playing for about an hour now...mostly in the dark...but that doesn't seem to be stopping him!
You should see him use the's both scary and amazing at the same time!
At Lily's first soccer game Eli was hanging out with the team during one of the warm-up drills.  Later in the game Eli and I were kicking a ball around and Eli stopped me and very seriously told me that I was doing it wrong and showed me how to correctly kick the ball with the side of my foot! And he was two year old gave me a soccer lesson!:)  
And that's just a little update on my sweet little boy (yes, he's still my little boy)!

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