Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Play-Dough & Blanket Forts

Playdough (1 of 1) Playdough2 (1 of 1) Playdough3 (1 of 1) Playdough4 (1 of 1) Playdough5 (1 of 1) Playdough6 (1 of 1) Playdough7 (1 of 1)
Play-Dough and blanket forts...the stuff of childhood!
The Play-Dough was homemade using Kool-aid (it's so much better than the store bought stuff).
And the blanket in the fort was a gift from my Aunt Linda- it has all of our names on it and a special heart for Joy (which was so special to me).  And if you look closely you'll also see two other homemade blankets- these from my Grandma (the one on the couch she made for me shortly before I left for college and the one on the floor was one she recently made for Eli)!  Thanks so my family for keeping us warm (and entertained)!:)

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