Monday, February 25, 2013

It's a BOY!

We had our ultrasound on Monday and learned that we are having a baby BOY!!  We are all VERY excited  (and I'll share more soon how we shared the news with the kids)!
We saw his little face for the first time and I fell totally and completely in love with this little guy.  Even though  the 3D images are a big lumpy and "clay-mation" like and he will likely look quite different when he is born there is still something so special about being able to see his face...the little nose and chin and lips.  Yep, I'm in love.

Most of the ultrasound went great, but near the end they found an area of concern.  His bowel showed up brighter than normal on the ultrasound and just a little bit later he was diagnosed with an echogenic bowel (which basically means that the texture of his bowel appears inflamed).
After speaking with two doctors and a genetic counselor in Portland we've learned that this could be something very minor or something more serious.  In the majority of cases it is something very minor that resolves itself and the baby is totally healthy.  However, it could also mean that the baby has a viral infection, cystic fibrosis, downs syndrome, or a blockage in his bowel.  
Last week I went in to have tests done for the viruses, cystic fibrosis, and downs syndrome.  We should be getting those test results back hopefully sometime this week.  If all of those tests are negative (normal) then we'll do another ultrasound at 32 weeks to see if the problem has cleared and to determine if there is any blockage in his bowel (which would require surgery right after birth).  
According to statistics there is a very high "chance" that our little guy should be totally healthy.  We have certainly been on the other side of those statistics before however and we are doing our best to place our hope and trust not in the statistics, but in the One who planned this little life from the very beginning.  I take comfort in knowing that this pregnancy and this precious boy was not our plan, but he is the Lord's.  And our God has big plans for him no matter what the test results show.  We are asking for people of course to pray that our son would be totally healthy.  And if he is not that God would give us the strength and patience and peace to walk down this hard and unexpected road.  
I am totally in love with this little guy of ours and I am in awe (as my friend put it) of this journey that He has him on.  

It's a boy all right!:)


Jim Layman said...

This is a wonderful opportunity to pray for you and Joe and this precious little guy!

Jim L.

Mandy said...

Oh friend! I just saw this! First, I am still so excited that you are pregnant and that the Lord is forming this little life inside you. Second, I will definitely join you in praying for him and his development and health. I loved that you wrote this: "We are doing our best to place our hope and trust not in the statistics, but in the One who planned this little life from the very beginning." I am thankful that the foundation for your hope is firm, and I am grateful that we can trust him together in His good plan. I love you so much!