Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Need A Maid

Okay, in the grand scheme of needs in this world I don't really need a maid (not even close).  Would I love a housekeeper?  Would we benefit from one?  Yes, greatly!  Yet I'm pretty sure I'll never have one.  There are just too many other real needs and one of these days maybe we'll all learn to clean up after ourselves!:)  But clearly we aren't there yet.  In fact our house feels like a disaster these days.  You see my three little children are conspiring against me and a clean house!  Yes, all three of them...already.
Lily and Eli have entered a wonderful new stage over the last few months where 70% of the time they are quite happy playing together without me or Joe being a part.  This has been a blessing most of the time to this  rather sick pregnant mama.  It's also created a constant disaster.  There are remnants of their toys and play and "creativity" everywhere. And while they are being asked to clean up their own things much more often...we just can't keep up!
Lily is in a very creative, crafty, artsy stage.  I love this.  But it also means that there are colored pencils, crayons, paper, tape, glitter, beads, etc...everywhere I turn!
And Eli...Eli is just in the stage where he LOVES to dump everything out and he loves things that have little pieces!
Here is some evidence...

Clean (1 of 1)
This is part of our living room...sort of like an informal play area.  This picture was taken a week or two ago around 9:30 or so in the morning.  I kid you not that the evening before we had this area totally cleaned.  We didn't even make it through the morning before it looked like this!:)
And the third one?  Well, it's not his fault really at all...but let's just say that this pregnancy has made it harder than ever to keep up around the house.  
They are all working against me see?:)
And I need a maid.  Okay, I don't NEED a maid...but a girl can dream!

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