Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The weekend after Valentines Day I have my biggest photography job yet!  I'll be photographing the father/daughter dance that our local rec center is hosting!  I'll be doing around 100 sets of father/daughter portraits over two nights.  Quite honestly I've wondered if I've gotten myself a little in over my head time-wise and given my very low energy right now...but it's a commitment I made and will follow through on.  The dances are in the evening in a dance hall with little to no natural light so I've had to learn some new lighting techniques.  I'm excited and nervous for this challenge!  Recently I was playing around with part of my new lighting set up and snapped these pics of the kids.  It might look like there was a lot of light coming in from the window, but the room was actually pretty dark so it was good practice!

lights8 (1 of 1) lights7 (1 of 1) lights3 (1 of 1) lights4 (1 of 1) lights5 (1 of 1)

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