Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Valentines Day was a bit hectic this year...I was busy getting ready for the big father/daughter dance the following two nights and all seemed a little crazy.
But a few days earlier we did make some pretty darn cute homemade valentines.  The kids picked out what they wanted to make and both took part in making them.  Lily actually did most of the work on hers...she did   all of the cutting out on her own!  Eli wasn't able to do quite as much, but he picked out the bugs for each jar and helped stick them on.  They both gave out valentines at our homeschool group and Eli also took them to his preschool class.  So cute!

Valentines (1 of 1) Valentines2 (1 of 1) Valentines3 (1 of 1)
Valentines Day itself was pretty low key.  I told Joe that all I wanted was doughnuts...and that's happily what we enjoyed that morning!  Who needs jewelry or fancy things when you can have doughnuts?:)  I'm actually quite serious!  For dinner we went out for Chinese food and then at home we enjoyed the fruit pizza that the kids and I made (complete with a heart made of strawberries and raspberries).  We enjoyed our special dessert and took a little time to thank the Lord for our little Joy (her due date was Valentines Day last year and this now feels like her special day).  It felt good to remember her and to be thankful for her.  She always felt like such a gift of love to me.

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