Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome Home!

Joe got home this weekend from 9 days away in Haiti!  Yes, Haiti!  He lead a group of our students there for a missions/service trip over Spring Break.  I think it was a pretty incredible, eye-opening experience and we'll share more soon with some pictures!
But what I can tell you is that we missed him greatly and we are so excited that he has no more long trips for quite some time!
These were the signs that the kids and I made to welcome him home (at 2:30 a.m.)!  It's dot art using erasers as stamps with ink pads.  Eli made the top one (stars, I believe), Lily and I did the one in the middle, and Lily made the picture on the bottom of our family.  I especially love Lily's picture...though I think it's no coincidence that she depicted me as being the thickest around the middle area!:)

Welcome (1 of 1) Welcome2 (1 of 1)

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