Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Test Results!

On Thursday night, right as we were starting dinner, we got the call from my doctor.  We also had a house full of students at the time who were over for dinner.  I ducked into the bedroom to talk with my doctor and received the good news.  Yes, the good news.  No, actually it was wonderful news!
All of the test results came back negative (normal)!!!  The tests for cystic fibrosis and the viruses are conclusive.  And we opted for the new, more advanced downs syndrome test that is said to be 99% accurate.  In addition the concern with our baby's bowel was the only one of eleven downs syndrome markers that they found in the ultrasound.  So we are feeling pretty confident in the results.
I can't even begin to share how relieved and thankful we are.  For days I just haven't been able to stop thanking the Lord for His goodness to us in this.
So now we just sit back and wait and let our little guy grow and mature.  At 32 weeks we'll have another ultrasound to determine if the issue with his bowel has resolved itself or whether there is some sort of physical problem (like a blockage in his bowel).  If there is a blockage he would need surgery after being born.  That would be hard, and we are praying against that of course, but to be honest we are just so relieved that mostly likely anything we are facing at this point is treatable.
We are so thankful for all of you and for your prayers and love and concern for us and our baby boy.  We sure would appreciate your continued prayers for his health!
Today we celebrated this wonderful news with cake!  The kids and I baked a giant cupcake to celebrate their baby brother and his health.  Had the news been different we would have loved this little guy every bit as much and welcomed him with our whole hearts into our family.  But today we are just so thankful that he doesn't have struggle with one of these lifelong diseases.  We don't know, of course, what the Lord has planned for the future but all we can do is continue to trust in the One who does know.  And eat some cake to celebrate.

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