Friday, October 1, 2010

Photo Shoot Prep

Isn't this the coolest tree? I can promise you now that there will be some family pictures taken in this tree at some point. Can't you just picture one of us hanging from each's will happen someday!:)

And then there is this beautiful stone wall...I think it's fairly likely that you will see this one as a background for some of Lily's and Eli's pictures in the next year!

Have I mentioned that I got my first official photography job? I finished it the other day and I'll have lots more to share soon (and...I've got a 2nd job too)! Anyway...these pictures are from a few weeks ago when I took the little ones with me out to the university gardens to do a little photo shoot prep and scout out some good places for my first job! I did get some ideas, but we were smack dab in the middle of a ridiculous September heat wave and after a very short period of time the kids and I were just puddles of sticky, hot, cranky goo. I did manage to snap a few of these pictures of the kids enjoying themselves in the shade as Lily playfully put grass on top of Eli's head (over and over again). Ahhh...whatever keeps them happy!:)

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