Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winter Camp


Grampy taking Lily for a ride around the lake



Eli's first ride!


Last weekend we got to spend a little bit of time with some of Joe's family at a fishing camp that they rented for the week! We were only able to spend one night, but we had a great time just being with them and enjoying the great winter outdoors of Maine!

There weren't very many fish caught on this trip, but all four of us had fun on Grampy's snowmobile! Yes, all four of us! Lily took a little trip with Grampy, Joe took Eli on his first ride (slowly around the lake), and I even got to drive one for the very first time! I've ridden a snowmobile before, but never driven until now- and I think I might be hooked!

Family, Snowmobiles, Yatzee, Chicken dinner pie, Watching Lily and Eli play with their Aunt Marianne and Cousin Maggie, and Grampy's famous pumpkin whoopie pies made for a wonderful little get away!

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