Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Bog Boardwalk

Bog4 (1 of 1)
Bog3 (1 of 1)
Bog5 (1 of 1)
Bog7 (1 of 1)
Bog8 (1 of 1)
Bog9 (1 of 1)
Bog10 (1 of 1)
Bog12 (1 of 1)
Bog13 (1 of 1)

We love The Bog Boardwalk!

I think we've been there (multiple times) in just about every season. It's so fun to watch the bog change along with the time of year. And, the boardwalk is actually great for little kids because the boardwalk trail sort of keeps them contained- they can sort of just run and explore and the boardwalk keeps them right where they should be!:)

So when Nonnie was visiting us a while back we decided to take her out to the bog for the first time and we had such a nice time walking and exploring and discovering (and taking pictures)!

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