Friday, July 22, 2011

Long Time...Few Posts

I realize that my posts have been few and far between this month. What can I say? It's been a crazy few weeks with work, travel, visiting family, organizing life, dealing with all day morning sickness, and trying to squeeze in a few of the things we love doing during the all-to-short Maine summer! Truth be told, lately by the time the kids are in bed I'm just flat out exhausted. I try to remind myself that I'm growing a baby and this is normal!:) On top of this, I've also been having computer problems again for the last few weeks (or maybe even longer really). Today I broke down and went out and bought a new computer this morning. It should be a few days before I have it and maybe a few more before I get around to loading all of my photo software on it, but it will happen. I promise I have pictures and stories to share...the 4th of July, our big trip to the zoo, Eli's first camping trip, etc... it's just taking me a little longer than usual to get there!

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