Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fort Knox

Fort Knox

One morning back in June we found ourselves in Camden picking up Joe's long dreamed of family canoe (he finally found one used, in great condition, at a fantastic price). Unfortunately it was sort of a miserable morning along the coast and with the cold and rain we just couldn't take the new canoe out for a test run. So we spent a little time in Camden and headed home after lunch. But then the weather started to clear a bit and we decided to take a little unplanned detour to visit this incredible bridge and observatory and Fort Knox! It was one of those sweet little side trips that you don't plan that end up being so much more fun than expected!
Fort Knox2

The view from the observatory!

We could even see our truck (with the new canoe)!
Fort Knox3
Fort Knox4
Fort Knox5
Fort Knox6
Fort Knox7

Fort Knox
Fort Knox14
Fort Knox8
Fort Knox9

With lots of stairs and tunnels our kids LOVED exploring!
Fort Knox10

And with all of the pattern and amazing light contrast I LOVED photographing here!
Fort Knox11
Fort Knox12

Inside the Fort looking out!
Fort Knox13

When the kids are a bit older I think it will be a fantastic place to take them back to to learn a little bit more about the history right in our back yard!

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Smith Family said...

We loved going there when we were in Maine! Beautiful pictures. Hope your pregnancy is going well.