Monday, August 15, 2011

Bay Beach!

Bay Beach

While we were in Wisconsin visiting my family we went back to Bay Beach Park for an afternoon of rides and fun with the kids (you might remember that we took Lily there two years ago)!
Bay Beach2
Bay Beach3
Bay Beach4

Lily loved it, but Eli was slightly less than impressed with the pony ride!:)
Bay Beach5

Bay Beach7
Bay Beach9
Bay Beach10

But Eli loved the giant slide (too bad he only got to go down once because he technically wasn't old enough to go down the first time- which we didn't know)!
Bay Beach11
Bay Beach12

Lily and G-Pa loved the slide too!
Bay Beach13
Bay Beach14

And from then on they both pretty much loved every ride they went on- can you tell?:)
Bay Beach15
Bay Beach16
Bay Beach17
Bay Beach18
Bay Beach19
Bay Beach20
Bay Beach21
Bay Beach22
Bay Beach23
Bay Beach24
Bay Beach25
Bay Beach26

And by the end of the afternoon they were both exhausted (and fell asleep the second they got in their car seats)! And, ummm, notice that in the picture below (the last ride of the day) Lily is pretending to shoot the boy in front of her (guess she's not a fan on boys yet...and we are okay with that)!:) What a fun family day!
Bay Beach27

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