Friday, August 26, 2011



I'm sure you know by now that I LOVE living in a place where we can pick our own berries...lots and lots of berries! And blueberries happen to be one of our favorite foods- especially for Eli. Last year we picked blueberries once and then we bought many boxes of frozen wild blueberries that we ate throughout the year (I believe we went through 7 or 8 large boxes and even that wasn't enough)! This year we found a nice little pick-your-own blueberry place only 20 minutes from our house!! And we visited there three times to pick berries! These pictures are from the first time we were there. Eli just couldn't have been happier...a whole field dripping with his favorite food...and he just wandered around picking and eating. And Lily...she went picking with us all three times (Eli only went the first time) and she did amazing- working hard to fill up her pink pail every time! She can be such a hard worker! But one of the funniest memories for me from the first time we went picking was that we forgot to bring Eli's diaper bag along...big mistake! Of course after about 20 minutes Eli had a messy diaper and there was just no way we could let him sit in it for the rest of picking and on the way home. So my AMAZING husband took it upon himself to figure out a solution (which I believe involved some dried out wipes he found in our van...I don't really want to know the details)! But there was absolutely no diaper to be found so we just had to let the little guy go commando. Ummm....check out the second picture...yes that's his very very white little bum sticking out of his shorts (which were way too big without a diaper to hold them up)!:) Thankfully we managed to finish picking and drive home without any accidents. We left with lots of blueberries and a renewed commitment to remember the diaper bag!:)

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